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Information about C3 Futures Baseball Academy

Character - Commitment - Community

A North Texas Select Baseball Program that teaches athletes to put God first in their lives.

We are a local training facility dedicated to developing young players for the next level. The focus is on personal and physical development, making sure they understand the mental and physical aspects of the game and how it relates to leadership in life. Many players have the physical ability, but will never have the fundamentals and knowledge that it takes to play at a high level. Baseball is a game that requires you to stay one step ahead of every single pitch and C3 Futures takes pride instructing and teaching in a way that players understand how to apply it.

True leadership is the most important factor when choosing a program for your son to be a part of.  C3 Futures is first about choosing to be different and second about the game itself.   

Our program is not only about an opportunity for development in baseball, but it's about keeping the main thing the main thing. This is a program that is based and founded on Christian values and Christian leadership. God has put it on my heart to take baseball to a whole new level; realizing what athletes are capable of when it comes to impacting The Kingdom.  C3 Futures Baseball is about being an example, from The example, who is Jesus Christ.

                                                                                                             -  Brian Capps