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C3 Futures Update - Moving to Stix Baseball 2020

Hey Everyone, wanted to give everyone an update on the plans moving forward for C3 Futures Baseball Teams.   I have decided to move the teams and organization to the Stix Baseball organization and have partnered with them in the company.   The founder and I grew up together and we have worked a deal and both are extremely excited to continue to improve and build into players.   I will step into the Stix Baseball youth program and implement a foundation for player development heading into HS.    I will also be on the player development side with all ages across the board as well as coach top teams at the youth and at the HS levels.   My passion and heart is the same for all players and I am very excited to come along side an organization who in my opinion is the best in the business and has the track record to back it up.  The Stix is a very talented organization and this will be a great opportunity for all the players involved in the past or present with C3 Futures Baseball teams.  From their in house Stix scout days, to recruiting and player development this is such a good move for all players that have called C3 their home for the last 10 years.    Can't wait to have a great 2020 as this will be the best year yet.  Feel free to contact the founder Nick Heitz at for any program questions or concerns.  


Spread the word as we will be building the Stix Baseball Youth program and this is something we are all crazy excited about.  Oh and Tryouts are tonight and we will post youth age tryouts tomorrow to the website and on all social media accounts.


C3 Performance still fully operates the indoor facility in Southlake with great instructors and full time strength and conditioning programs run by Christian Ballard and Maps Academy.    We will just fully go under the Stix organization all things teams related.   




    C3 Player Awards and Honors
    • Will Johnston of Keller High School and C3 Futures-Worley 18U committed to Texas A&M University @AggieBaseball
    • Noah Worley of C3 Futures-Worley 18U and Timber Creek High School committed to Hill College @hillcollege
    • Coby Gray of C3 Futures-Worley 18U at Richland High School committed to University of Texas at Tyler @uttylerbaseball
    • Mikey Brinton of C3 Futures-Worley 18U and Keller High School committed to Hill College @hillcollege
    • Mason Packwood of Liberty Christian High School and C3 Futures-Worley 18U committed to  Wheaton College @WCThunderBSBL
    • Blake Shipp of Keller High School and C3 Futures-Worley 18U committed to Oklahoma Baptist University @OBU_Baseball
    • Jack Angus of Eaton High School and C3 Futures-Worley 18U committed to Cisco College @CiscoBaseball1 
    • Kolsen Powers of Liberty Christian High School and C3 Futures-Worley 18U committed to Midland College @MCsports1972
    • Pryor Thomas of Liberty Christian High School and C3 Futures-Worley 18U committed to Harvard @harvard
    • Brett Huff of Liberty Christian High School and C3 Futures-Worley 18U committed to Hill College @hillcollege
    • Tucker Paris of C3 Futures-Worley 18U at Richland High School committed to Northlake College @northlakenow
    • Seth Bauerschlag of C3 Futures-VP 17U committed to Mary Hardin-Baylor @crubaseball 
    • Brandon Howell of C3 Futures-VP 17U committed to Tulane University @Tulane 
    • Campbell Sullivan of C3 Futures-VP 17U committed to Dallas Baptist University @DBUPatriots
    • Alex Gonzales of C3 Futures-VP 17U committed to Baylor University @BaylorBaseball
    • Cade Sumbler of C3 Futures-VP 17U committed to Oklahoma State University @OSUBaseball
    • Zach Erdman of C3 Future 15U committed to Texas Tech University @TTU_Baseball

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    Futures Baseball News

    2022 Early Commitments
    • Zach Erdman - Texas Tech
    2020 Early Commitments
    • Alex Gonzales - Baylor
    • Cade Sumbler - Oklahoma State
    • Campbell Sullivan - Dallas Baptist University
    • Brandon Howell - Tulane University
    • Justin Grech - Lafayette College
    2019 Commitments
    • Will Johnston - Texas A&M
    • Blake Shipp - Oklahoma Baptist University
    • Jack Angus - Cisco
    • Kolsen Powers - Midland
    • Seth Bauerschlag - Mary Hardin-Baylor
    • Noah Worley - Hill College
    • Coby Gray - University of Texas at Tyler
    • Mikey Brinton - Hill College
    • Pryor Thomas - Harvard
    • Mason Packwood - Wheaton College
    • Brett Huff - Hill College
    • Tucker Paris - Northlake College
    2018 Commitments
    • Michael King - Northlake College
    • Ryan Stiles - Murray State
    • Joey Bettencourt - Weatherford
    • Dayton Harkey - Hill College
    • Jake Miller - East Texas Baptist University
    • Seth Brecheen - Northlake College
    • Kason Howell - Auburn
    • Zack Jordan - UT Dallas
    • Jacob Thompson - Oberlin College
    • Javier Luna - Murray State
    • Drew Henderson - Cameron University
    • Lane Pirkle - TCS

    2017 Commitments

    • Ryan Drake - University of Arkansas
    • Zack Mesa - Kansas State
    • Jeffrey Worley - Western Oklahoma State
    • Brady Disher - University of Arkansas
    • Jojo Latham - Northlake College
    • Jacob Frisbie - Texas Lutheran University
    • Kevin Banks - Oklahoma Panhandle State University
    • Grant Powers - Monmouth College
    • Ricky Rivera - Ranger College
    • Drew Sancillo - Texas Wesleyan University
    • Bryson Bell - Rose State College
    • Lenny Pietersz - Western Oklahoma State
    • Justin Bratten - Arizona Christian
    • Logan Whitford - Northlake College
    • Brooks Dodson - University of Incarnate Word
    • Hunter Oney - Wiley College
    2016 Commitments
    • Gabe Luna - Cameron University
    • Lane Morrow - TCS
    • Corbin Coleman - Navarro 
    • Gavin Kennard - Western OK State
    • Kyle Harris - TCS
    • Brady Autry - Mountain View
    • Kalen Haynes - TCS
    • Austin Rotramel - Wiley College
    • Will Bresnahan - University of Dallas
    2015 Commitments
    • Kevin Lentzner - Seminole State
    • Gage Vines - Cameron University
    • Noah Mahoney - Abilene Christian University
    • Briton Schiewe - Otero College
    • Brendan Gonzales - UT Pan American
    • Rixey Boyd - Paris
    • Kegan Branum - Southwestern Oklahoma State
    • Jared Flores - NOC Tonkowa
    • Stephen Billington - Illinois Wesleyan
    • Case Williams - Trinity University
    • Reid Bukowski - Clarendon
    • Ryan Villareal - Angelina College
    • Michael Billington - Illinois Wesleyan
    • Eric Cole - Arkansas
    • Jordan Parker - Blinn College
    • Ryan Bellamy - Angelina College
    • Jaden Cook - Western Oklahoma State
    • Alex Johnston - UT Arlington
    • Cole Jorge - North Lake College